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Photo: Margie Rauen, 2012. Norway, personal archive.


Margarida Gandara Rauen/Margie (1957) began her education in public and private schools in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. She became a senior at Middletown High School (Maryland, U.S.A.) as an AFS exchange-student (1975). She completed her undergraduate degree in English at the Pontifical Catholic University in Curitiba, Paraná (1978), and earned a Ph.D.    at Michigan State University (U.S.A.), with a dissertation in performance studies directed     by Prof. Philip C. McGuire.


Margie was adjunct professor at the College of Arts of Paraná (Curitiba), from 1995-2009,   and  joined UNICENTRO (Midwestern State University – Guarapuava) faculty in 1994, as a professor of drama and performance, having acted as Chairperson in the establishment       of an undergraduate program of Arts (2003-2004),  and of a Specialization Degree in Composition and Contemporary Art (2010). She completed three post-doctoral projects as    a Folger Shakespeare Library Fellow (1993, 1997 and 2003, Washington, D.C.), one of which is the book Richard II playtexts, promptbooks and history: 1597-1857 (1998). She published articles in the Shakespeare Quarterly (EUA), the Oxford Companion to Shakespeare (UK), Cahiers Élisabéthans (France), and in the Brazilian periodicals Ilha do Desterro, CROP, Repertório and Sala Preta, in addition to various chapters in books in Brazil and in the United States. She has contributed as correspondent of The World Shakespeare Bibliography and of the current Stanford University Shakespeare Encyclopedia project. She was a founding member of the research group Drama and Theatre of the National Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Letters and Linguistics (ANPOLL, Brazil), and is also active in the Territories and Frontiers group of the Brazilian Association of Research and Graduate Studies in the Performing Arts (ABRACE). Her own artistic research  as a director and writer has pursued the creative appropriation of canonical drama in her scripts Ofélias/A-void-ing, Juliets, and Shadows of Sycorax, which focused on the empowerment of marginalized women in different ways. These plays were done in an art gallery, in 13 different community venues, and in a prison with teenager girls, respectively. Margie’s applied research since 2003 has pursued the engagement of the audience in site specific performance, which led her to organize the book A interatividade, o controle da cena e o público como agente compositor [Interactivity, control, and the audience as a performance agent], published by the University of Bahia Press (Salvador, 2009), featuring   9 chapters by artist-researchers from Brazil.  She has developed creative processes with the Coletivo Clandestino Troupe from Curitiba since 2009, with a current project about Patricia Galvão or Pagu (1910- 1962), a radical artist who stands out for her role as an activist during the early years of the Brazilian dictatorship.


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Margie Rauen has developed work and joined academic experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Portugal, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Norway and Spain.

Dr. Philip C. McGuire, Emeritus Professor, Margie's former Ph.D. advisor at Michigan State University.

Digital Woman

Margie Rauen’s own artistic research as a director and writer has pursued the creative appropriation of canonical drama in her scripts...  read more

Postcolonial Studies

Women's Studies and Postcolonial Performance Research, with postdoctoral fellowships from the Folger Shakespeare Library.


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