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ABRACE 2012, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Personal Archive. From left to right: Marcos Steurnagel, Margie Rauen, Nadia Moroz Luciani, Ismael Scheffler, Amabilis de Jesus, Fábio Salvatti and Henrique Saidel.


ASTR – American Society for Theatre Research


On Women Becoming Women and Cliches' as actual challenges, work-in-progress presented in the "Transitive is Transformative working group”.


Convenors: Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson. Minneapolis, November 2016.

ASTR Program (pdf)


ABRACE – Brazilian Association of Performing Arts Research

Associação Brasileira de Pesquisa e Pós-graduação em Artes Cênicas  - ABRACE


Member of the Territories and Frontiers group of research on performance art, founded by the late Renato Cohen.


Website ABRACE (available in Portuguese only)

Memória ABRACE X (publication available in Portuguese, pages 287-289)

PSi - Performance Studies International



University of Leeds, England, UK

June 27 –July 1, 2012

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Stanford University, USA

June 26-30, 2013

Conference Catalogue

HEMI - Hemispheric Institute Encuentro


HEMI Website


University of São Paulo and SESC Vila Mariana, Brazil

January 12-19, 2013

2013 Overview


Participant in the Workshop Performacitos, led by Chris Moffett, Les Joynes and Polina Porras

Leader of Work Group with Stela Fischer and Leticia Olivares:

Gender expressions and the empowerment of the bodies in art and in sexual politics


Work Group performance at Praça Roosevelt, São Paulo

ANPOLL – National Association of Graduate Research in Letters and Linguistics

Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Letras e Lingüistica - ANPOLL


Research in the Performing Arts did not emerge in a specific Brazilian Association before ABRACE was launched in 1999, but the field was vibrant at ANPOLL until then, and Margie Rauen was a founding member of two research groups:


Shakespearean Studies (1991-1999)

Dramaturgy and Performance (1999 – current)


The Dramaturgy and Theatre Research Group was launched by Margie Rauen (organizer) and  Lygia Vianna Peres (first Chairperson) at the Fluminense Federal University, in Niterói, 1999.



Book Publications by ANPOLL


CESh - Centro de Estudos Shakespeareanos – CESh

1991 - Founding member and member of the editorial board

Publication (in Portuguese)


SAA - Shakespeare Association of America and International Shakespeare Association – Correspondent to the World Shakespeare Bibliography 1988-1998

Publications Website (in English)

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