Margarida Gandara Rauen, Ph.D. Professor

Margie in Arts

Photo: Margie Rauen, 2012. Germany, personal archive.


Margarida Gandara Rauen




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Participatory Poetics

A interatividade, o controle da cena e o público como agente compositor [Interactivity, scene control and the audience as a composition agent].

Texts by Ciane Fernandes and Wagner Lacerda, Cristiane Bouger, Henrique Saidel, Ismael Scheffler, Lígia Losada Tourinho, Luana Raiter and Pedro Diniz Bennaton, Margarida Gandara Rauen/Margie, Maria Beatriz de Medeiros, Stela Regina Fischer, and Manuela Afonso. Foreword by Valmir Santos.


Download the book in Portuguese.

Postcolonial Studies

Women's Studies and Postcolonial Performance Research, with postdoctoral fellowships from the Folger Shakespeare Library.


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