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Postcolonial Studies

"The feminist gaze and the creative process of Deslady". Co-authored by Margie Rauen and Angelica Kauffmann. Urdimento, Florianópolis, v.3, n.33, p. 214-230, December, 2018.


Available here.

Hamlet Handbook

“Hamlet as a figure of thought in Latin America.” Co-authored by Alfredo Michel Modenessi. IN Marx, Peter W. (Ed.).  Hamlet Handbook. Stoff – Aneignungen – Deutungen. Stuttgart/Weimar: J.B. Metzler, 2014. (ISBN 9783476023520).


Download the Index of this publication.

No other but a woman's reason: Women on Shakespeare.

Towards Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Birth


"On Shakespeare by Brazilian Women." IN Kujawinska Courtney, Krystyna/Penier, Izabella/ Kwapisz Williams, Katarzyna (eds.) No other but a woman's reason. Women on Shakespeare. Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang, 2013, 193-200.  Available here.




The translation into Portuguese is available here (Revista Pitágoras).

Lope de Vega desde el Brasíl

"Lugares de Mujer: Shakespeare, Lope de Vega Y Pilar Miró." IN  INDURÁIN, Carlos Mata; PERES, Lygia Rodrigues Vianna & NOGALES, Rosa María Sánchez-Cascado. Lope de Vega desde el Brasíl. Pamplona, Espanha: Servício de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra/ BIADIG - Biblioteca Áurea Digital Publicaciones digitales del GRISO, 2012, p. 63-71.  Available here.

Latin American Shakespeares

"[...] Caliban: From canonical text to resistance." IN KLIMAN, Bernice W. and SANTOS, Rick J. (editors) Latin American Shakespeares. Madison/Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2005, 130-142.

Reflexões sobre a cena

“Do problema social à performance.” [Performing the social problem. Covers the creative work drawing on forum theatre at a prison for teenager girls in Curitiba] IN Reflexões sobre a cena. Maceió: EDUFAL e Salvador: EDUFBA, 2005, 233-245.

Available here.

Olhares sobre textos e encenações

 “Denize Stoklos: o azul, os fantasmas e a contestação.” IN Olhares sobre textos e encenações. [An appraisal of counter discourse in Denize Stoklos’s plays]. Sheila Diab Maluf (org.) Maceió: UFAL, 2007. Available here.

Shakespeare's Cross Cultural Encounters

A review of the book Shakespeare's Cross Cultural Encounters. Geraldo U. de Sousa, GB, MacMillan, New York, St. Martin's, 1999. IN Shakespeare Quarterly, vol 51/4, Winter 2000, 509-512.

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Margie Rauen was a founding member of the research group Drama and Theatre of the National Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Letters and Linguistics (ANPOLL, Brazil), and is also active in the Territories and Frontiers group

of the Brazilian Association of Research and Graduate Studies

in the Performing Arts (ABRACE).


Margie has developed work and joined academic experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Portugal, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Norway and Spain.